LCCA President's Message

Greetings Everyone,                          

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe & healthy.  This has certainly been a year of change and adjustment to the “new normal” but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The COVID vaccine is reaching more and more people and Governor Scott’s “turning of the spigot” is slowly but surely bringing us back to the “real normal” we all long for.   That said the LCCA is looking forward to the coming summer season with real optimism.  We still may not be permitted to sponsor our usual Celebrate Lake Carmi activities but we are planning activities that will satisfy any COVID gathering restrictions.

We are also optimistic about the condition of the lake this year.  We have been in constant contact with VT DEC throughout the winter.  At no time in Lake Carmi’s history has the State devoted more resources to the lake.  The Aeration Project, the UVM Research Platform, the Groundwater Study and extensive water sampling of the lake and its tributaries will all be ongoing this spring, summer & fall.  Such dedication of assets to Lake Carmi is HUGE!

We also had a very productive Zoom meeting in February with nearly the entire elected Franklin County delegation.  They were all very engaged with our projects and pledged their support for the lake.  Funding for Lake Carmi has remained intact in the State budget.

We have been very active with the TMDL Coordination Team keeping abreast of the improved agricultural practices in our watershed.  The new manure injection systems and the increase in cover cropping are terrific enhancements to our watershed.  This in addition to an upcoming evaluation and subsequent improvement of roads around Lake Carmi will all provide better protection for the lake.  Improving shorelines through the DEC Lake Wise Program will also be a focus this year.

All of this and more is being done in conjunction with the LCCA.  This winter we also funded the purchase of a new diesel motor for the weed harvester.  We can only continue to operate in this manner with your support.  Please complete the attached dues application(see below), and mail it with your $50.00 check for 2021.  All the money expended by the LCCA goes to the enrichment of the Lake Carmi community.  There are no paid employees.  Your LCCA Board of Directors are all volunteers.    Please mail in your dues check today.  Thank you and stay healthy & well.


Pete Benevento

President LCCA




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